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Want A Guarantee On How To Get Cozy With Your Valentine?

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Want a Guarantee on How to Get Cozy with Your Valentine?



We call it our “Sweetheart” Sale…and all you need is Promo Code “Sweetheart” from February 1st to February 14th to get some…umm…coziness, guaranteed.



With Valentine’s Day a few short weeks away, your planning (hopefully) should be underway. This is especially true if you’re intending on doing something more than the traditional dinner, candy or flowers as gifts of your love.



The adage is generally true that you reap what you sew. So, if you’re not yet planning, it might be worth a few minutes of reading on depending on what you want to “reap” this Valentine’s Day.



Albeit that we’re not in the relationship or match making business we’re pretty confident we can help you “reap” some coziness with your special someone. From there, you’re on your own but we’ll certainly have you off to a head start.



As you know The Trendy Space offers a full array of home décor and furniture items. But, when you couple some of the most comfortable decorative throw pillows for a sofa with an oversized throw blanket (and buy them as a package deal), you have a recipe to get folks warm pretty quick.



Our sale will begin on February 1st and run through February 14th giving ample time to take advantage of this special offer. Just add your selected set of pillows and throw blanket separately to your shopping cart at www.thetrendyspace.com and enter promo code “Sweetheart” at checkout for the bundle sale price to apply.



Remember, if you intend on trying to use these decorative throw pillows and throw blankets this Valentine’s Day we suggest buying before February 7th. But, don’t worry if you miss the 7th. We always have the ability to express ship and as long as you plan something for Valentine’s Day…a late arrival of this combo should do the trick regardless of the time of year.



So, if you have a Valentine who’s into home décor use for decorating regularly, well this should play right into your (and their) hand. If not, well, we’re having a hard time thinking that you can’t go wrong with a Valentine’s Day gift that puts loved ones under the same blanket with large decorative pillows, just saying.



Remember also that every sale at The Trendy Space has a portion of proceeds donated to families caring for sick children. So, we’re more than just décor we’re collectively “Warming Hearts by Warming Homes”.


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