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The Trendy Space Welcomes Sand Dollar Candles ™

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 What item compliments home décor better in every room than the aroma of a welcoming fragrance season after season? Perhaps nothing in our opinion!         That’s why The Trendy Space is so very proud to announce our newest addition and flagship line of all-natural, eco-friendly candles made of coconut, soy and     palm waxes, Sand Dollar Candles ™.




 The Sand Dollar Candles ™ brand has been long in the works for us at The Trendy Space feeling as if we needed to offer a uniquely different type of item to     the home décor selection we offer. When we found that Sand Dollar Candles ™ had its own flagship item in 100% coconut wax candles; in addition to 100%   soy and 100% palm wax candles we knew we had the right fit! This was especially the case because all of those base materials for these candles are derived   from eco-friendly sustainable resources.






The coconut wax candles are truly unique and were the game changer for us. Coconut wax candles are not commonly seen today as are other types of waxes. Coconut wax itself has some very unique attributes that make it perhaps the most valuable type of wax. Traditionally it burns cooler compared to other waxes (which makes candles last longer) and it absorbs fragrance better than many other base wax materials. It’s absorption rate also allows this style of candle to emit a more potent and evenly emitted aroma during their burning. So, you can expect that there is no dulling when coconut candles get close to the end of their useful life.  





The Sand Dollar Candles ™ brand is named after the unique excitement one feels when finding an intact sand dollar shell. Although sand dollar shells can be found among hundreds of other shell types, they stand out uniquely on their own. This is what signifies the Sand Dollar Candles ™ brand and its products.




 These products are all uniquely sourced and are made from sustainable resources as previously mentioned. The base material of coconut, used for the coconut   candles, are grown inside of India, the 3rd largest global producer of coconuts. India has actually been producing coconuts for over 3000 years! So, there is no   question that there is clear proof within the Indian process of sustainably growing and harvesting coconuts.




 The Sand Dollar Candles ™ soy-based items are made from the base material of soya beans sourced similarly to the coconut wax inside of India; who is again   a global top producer of this vegetable/legume. Lastly, but not to be last, are the Sand Dollar Candles ™ palm wax items are also derived from palm leaves,   which is natural vegetation of Indonesia and Malaysia.







Sand Dollar Candles ™ offers a satisfaction guarantee as well! So, if for any reason our products do not meet a standard of our customers, we’re pleased to accept them back in return for a full refund. Talk about worry free shopping!



Please also never forget that all products sold by The Trendy Space are done so with the social mission of giving back a portion of proceeds to families with sick children. This includes sales from Sand Dollar Candles ™!



We’re truly excited about this new product line addition in Sand Dollar Candles ™ and we know you will be as well with the quality of these truly unique items! One smell and we know you’ll be hooked just like we are!!!

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