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Shaping Up Rooms By Laying Down New Area Rugs

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If you’ve read some of our previous posts, we are big on the idea that there are some key home décor items that can seemingly recreate an entire room with adding only a single item. We find this to be especially true with area rugs and it doesn’t usually matter if they’re large or small, expensive or inexpensive, or of a particular color or pattern.  Area rugs are simply game changers when it comes to home décor styling.



This said, we want to focus on one single attribute of an area rug that can add an even higher level of flair…shape.



We’ve briefly mentioned area rug shape previously in our blog “3 Life Hacks for Buying Area Rugs” but seeing the growing desire to alter home appearances without physical remodeling; we see shaped area rugs as something key to help. These are also much less invasive and the costs, well, we’d guess that for the most part area rugs in general are far more affordable too.






Admittedly, the availability of shaped area rugs that are not square or rectangular is certainly more uncommon. However, there’s still nothing hard about finding these and we at The Trendy Space have resources to help provide custom shaped area rugs as well. So, if you can imagine it up, and want to take a leap to add an unparalleled uniqueness to your home décor, we should speak further.


Keep in mind as well that area rugs of all shapes are great home décor and thus the reason they are one of the bestselling home décor items bar none. So, if you’re more traditional minded and are looking for the square or rectangles, well there’s nothing wrong with that either. Regardless, these will certainly help to revamp any room.


As a note…don’t forget one very important key to buying area rugs that we’d suggest never compromising on and that is quality. Quality typically matters, regardless of where the area rug will remain, and regardless of its nifty shape.





There are varying degrees of quality of course, but we’d recommend steering from the bargain types for sale in ads toting “cheap rugs for sale” or “discount rugs”.  These items are usually just what they claim to be, and you may find they wear very fast and you could be replacing them much sooner than expected.


Keep an eye out for our upcoming promo on our lines of area rugs. We’re quite confident that you’ll find The Trendy Space pricing more than reasonable and we assure the level of quality you’ll find won’t be of the “cheap area rugs“ level.


Please remember also that every sale at The Trendy Space has a portion of proceeds donated to families caring for sick children. So, we’re more than just décor we’re collectively “Warming Hearts by Warming Homes”.

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