Warming Hearts By Warming Homes....A Portion Of All Proceeds Are Donated To Families Caring For Sick Children

There’s Nothing More Warming than the Nurturing of a Mother

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When you think about families caring for sick children many images may pass through your head. The definition of the word “sick” itself can be very broad, as well as illness types and their respective cures.



One unique circumstance that we at The Trendy Space were so pleasantly surprised to come across through our Children’s Charity Outreach Program aligns with our mission of helping families with sick children. But, these “sick” children in need are in a very dynamic situation. Simply put, they are newborns or infants in need of a mother’s milk and many times, regretfully, the child’s own mother cannot help in supplying them directly.



So, through the blessings and gracious donations of other mothers elsewhere Mothers’ Milk Bank Northeast is in a profound position to help…and now, so are we at The Trendy Space!



Mothers’ Milk Bank Northeast provides pasteurized donor human milk to over 80 hospitals in 13 states, as well as to outpatients, some of whom have spent months in neonatal intensive care units and endured multiple surgeries in their short lives. This phenomenal group of individuals equitably dispenses milk donations after a complete screening and testing process to ensure the safety of the donated milk.



“The milk arrives from moms around the country who loving provide their additional supply to help support hospitalized infants that were many times born prematurely” says Naomi Bar-Yam, PhD (Executive Director). “This milk, as research has shown, provides essential growth and immunity nutrients found in mother’s breast milk.” For these very fragile infants, human milk can be lifesaving.



Admittedly, to some of us at The Trendy Space the work Mothers’ Milk Bank Northeast operationally performs seemed near hidden in plain view despite the known facts behind a mother’s milk and its nurturing benefits. Many may believe that it is always possible for a mother to care directly for her child with her own milk, however that is sadly not always the case and not everyone realizes that.



That is why kind and loving individuals like Ann Marie Lindquist, Director of Community Relations at Mothers’ Milk Bank Northeast, work to provide the needed outreach and community awareness that helps these children and their families. “Mainly through grant writing and mailing campaigns, we raise funds for our cause” said Ms. Lindquist.



However, seeing the “win-win” situation, as Ms. Lindquist described the Children’s Charity Outreach Program of The Trendy Space; we’re now in a position to help provide a unique opportunity to raise funds atop of their grant writing for Mothers’ Milk Bank Northeast.



From June 17th through June 30th, 2018 The Trendy Space will donate a portion of all sales proceeds that occur to Mothers’ Milk Bank Northeast using promo code “SavinLives”. Plus, any shopper that uses that promo code directly will also Save 10% site-wide.



So, we ask you to join Mothers’ Milk Bank Northeast and The Trendy Space to help by taking part in our unique program for unique children and families with unique needs. 



As we’ve said many times before at The Trendy Space, we believe that no home could ever be warmed enough by simple décor when a family is caring for a sick child. That statement is truly underscored in the circumstance Mothers’ Milk Bank Northeast helps with, seeing the fact that many of these children need help before they can even feel the warmth of their own family home.



It’s our honor to be working in our small way to help and we ask you to join us too! Let’s help get these children home, together!


For more information about Mothers' Milk Bank, you can visit their website https://milkbankne.org/


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