Warming Hearts By Warming Homes....A Portion Of All Proceeds Are Donated To Families Caring For Sick Children

Sometimes All It Takes Is A Bus Fare

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When many people think of life changing events, things like winning the lottery, taking a once in a lifetime vacation or buying a terrifically expensive home resonate in minds. In the home décor industry, many of us think of a life changing event as the potential to have our products gorgeously displayed in the homes of celebrities or in the photos of a magazines such as Architectural Digest.



However, for one single mother in 1976 the life changing event that could’ve made a world of a difference was only the cost of bus fare to cross into Philadelphia from Camden, New Jersey; to visit her sick child in the hospital. A bus fare that would have allowed that mother to visit one additional time before losing her child. 



Sadly, these small life changing needs are still necessary 42 years later for others in similar situations. But, there is hope and help to change lives, with the grace of organizations like the Kelly Anne Dolan Memorial Fund.



The Kelly Anne Dolan Memorial Fund was established in 1976 after the passing of founders Joe and Peggy Dolan’s then 7 year old daughter, Kelly Anne, to a rare form of Leukemia. It was Mrs. Peggy Dolan who noticed the single mother storied above; working to convince the hospital to help provide that bus fare while she too was visiting her sick child, Kelly Anne, inside that same Philadelphia hospital.



Over 40 years after the founding, KADMF is now headed by Executive Director, Wendy Graham but their mission remains the same. To “lighten burdens and lift spirits of families caring for children with serious illnesses, disabilities and injuries”.



Unlike many funds or charitable organizations, the KADMF is non-disease specific and aims alike ourselves at The Trendy Space; to support families of all types of children with sickness. By working directly with hospitals, case workers or social workers; the KADMF is able to annually provide between 1500 and 2000 donations to support families with financial assistance need caused by a child’s medical condition.



There is a “leveling of social status” when children are ill said Executive Director, Wendy Graham following the words of original founder Peggy Dolan. “Our work aims to help provide assistance or to direct aid from other charitable organizations we can connect families with beyond our own.”



We completely agree with Ms. Graham and Ms. Peggy Dolan. At The Trendy Space, we believe that no home could ever be warmed enough by any décor when a family is caring for a sick child. That’s why we live our tag line alike the KADMF by “Warming Hearts by Warming Homes” and commit a portion of all sale proceeds to supporting families with sick children.



So, from July 15th through July 28th 2018 all site-wide sales using promo code “KADolan10” will provide a direct donation of proceeds back to the Kelly Anne Dolan Memorial Fund and we’re asking for your support. Our full line of products will be available as always to grace your home in a large or small way, but whichever route you choose, know that your décor purchases at The Trendy Space always make a difference outside of your own home as well.



Although we may never know the single mother storied above making her way across the bridge from Camden into Philadelphia; we know that story is true and there is a family somewhere else right now doing something painfully similar.



So, we ask you to be a part of the group to help change other’s lives, one small item at a time…because it literally only takes something small sometimes to change a life, like buying a candle or the donation cost of a bus fare.



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