Warming Hearts By Warming Homes....A Portion Of All Proceeds Are Donated To Families Caring For Sick Children

We're 100% Aiming To Improve The Odds For Kids With Cancer

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To any good-hearted individual, and especially parents, the mere thought of a sick child is a worrisome one. So, imagine the absolute unknown terror a parent or child faces when a diagnosis of cancer is offered by a doctor. It’s unfathomable to some and the harsh terribly sad reality for others. However, because of organizations like CURE Childhood Cancer all child cancer diagnosis is not as similar at this point as in the past; and we at The Trendy Space are honored to say we can and will be working together with CURE to help any way we can!



“In 1975 a cancer diagnosis was essentially a death sentence for a child. With virtually no funding for research, effective treatments were mostly non-existent.” Says Abigail Harrison, Program Coordinator of the CURE Childhood Cancer Organization. “When CURE was founded, the survival rate for childhood cancer was about 10 percent. Today, it is over 80 percent.”



With cancer however still being the number one cause of childhood death, there is a profound reason to stand up and work to rid the planet of these diseases and that is exactly what CURE is moving forward to do. Their mission of curing childhood cancer in our lifetime is a phenomenal mission and we’re proud to say that they are allowing us the opportunity to work together alongside them to help.



CURE Childhood Cancer is an Atlanta, GA based organization and is focused on raising funding for critically needed research that will ultimately save lives. They are also unique in that although their primary mission is raising funding for research, they also provide patient and family services to support families of children during and after cancer treatments and their healing.Through a variety of programs including Early Outreach Programs, Family Emergency Funds, Open Arms Meal Programs, Counseling Sessions and Bereavement Care, CURE can be counted on by parents and children battling various cancer diseases all over the United States.





“The heartbeat of CURE is the children and families we serve” says Ms. Harrison. “Our goal is walk beside these young patients and their families from diagnosis through treatment and beyond, providing critical assistance at every step of their journey.



Ironically enough and despite the point that we are in very differing industries our missions are quite similar and aligned. The Trendy Space at it’s core is a company founded to help sick children and their families as well. That is why in March of 2018 we began the Children’s Charity Outreach Program aimed to align with charities just like CURE to do our small part to help any way we could. By offering a unique sales program tailored to create funds for charities we are working together to help.



For CURE the proceeds from our program together are to be directed to the areas inside of their organization that need them most, and we’re just fine with that. No one knows where the best location for funds that matter could be other than CURE directly. For us, what we care most about is pleasing our customers and ultimately helping families with sick children, just like CURE.



So from June 3rd through June 16th 2018 we’re asking you to help us collectively by shopping The Trendy Space and saving 10% site-wide by using promo code “100%4CURE”. During this period all sales using this promo code will have a portion of their proceeds donated directly back to the CURE Childhood Cancer Organization






“We thought the program was philanthropic and commendable” said Ms. Harrison and that graciously was the reason they chose to partner with The Trendy Space."


However, to us Ms. Harrison, what’s truly commendable is the work you at CURE are doing helping the families and children you are. You have our utmost commitment to help in any way we can because we’re truly honored and humbled to be here walking alongside you, just as you are with the families that need you most.

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