Warming Hearts By Warming Homes....A Portion Of All Proceeds Are Donated To Families Caring For Sick Children

More Than Decor: Children's Charities Inc. and The Trendy Space Combine For A Bigger Purpose

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Most who know The Trendy Space know that we love bringing our customers trendy furnishings and décor. However, we’ll be the first to admit that trends in furnishings and décor may come and go; but to us helping families with sick children will always be “trendy”. That is why we are completely committed to giving back a portion of proceeds to this cause. It’s been this way from day one and will be forever.




In March 2018, we began the Children’s Charity Outreach Program. This program, is specifically designed to work with charities benefiting children or their families in need. Through a dedicated and customized promotion working with the charity, a portion of proceeds is to be returned directly in order to assist the charities cause or specific internal program(s). This said, we are very proud to announce that we have been awarded the distinct honor of being able to combine efforts with Children’s Charities, Inc. a non-profit organization based in Milton, GA.







Children’s Charities, Inc. is a 100% volunteer operated organization and has a mission according to co-founder Amanda “Mandy” White, “to change children’s lives”. We agree that this fabulous group is doing just that!



Children’s Charities, Inc. accomplishes their mission by supporting and developing programs that benefit an array of children in a multitude of ways. This includes past achievements such as raising $300,000 for an emergency transport vehicle or what White describes as a “hospital on wheels”. The charity has also fully funded Equine summer camps for autistic children, has provided over $80,000 of funding for vein viewer medical equipment in Atlanta Urgent Care Centers as well as many other programs.



Currently Children’s Charities, Inc. is in pursuit of a major undertaking to raise approximately $500,000 to provide a play park designed for all on land graciously donated by the city of Milton. “The park will benefit more than any other program before” said Megan Jamison, co-chair. “It will be approximately 65-70% ADA compliant and feature among the longest ramping system in Georgia”.





The park will be built in two phases with the first phase located on over 1 acre of land while phase two targets water features to be included. It will allow children with disabilities or not, to enjoy their time as children and families should, together.








So, we, The Trendy Space and Children’s Charities, Inc. are asking for your help to support our combined efforts and to move closer towards building the play park noted for all to enjoy. From April 29th through May 12th, The Trendy Space will be offering a site-wide 10% discount for anyone who uses promo code “KidsFuture” at checkout. In addition, we at The Trendy Space will also be returning a portion of proceeds directly back to Children’s Charities, Inc. during this two week time period.


“We chose to take part in this Trendy Space program because of the products being offered” said White. “It’s a win-win” she noted.


To us however at The Trendy Space, the pleasure is really ours.


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