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Best Homes from Family Movies: Part 2: Fetch Me My Stogie!

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So, can anyone tell from the title which family home from this Hollywood classic is up next on our blog series? It’s among the most aired Christmas movies each and every year. Any guesses?



If you know the movie just by the quote, congratulations, you’re likely a Christmas buff like we are! We could’ve given about a hundred other quotes especially from cousin Eddie!



If you can’t tell from the quote, well than we’ll just have to give you a bit more detail because movie quotes just might not be your thing. And, if somehow you’ve never seen this holiday classic we seriously think you should! It’s a magical family holiday classic we almost all can relate to!



Drum roll please…..and the winner is…..National Lampoons Christmas Vacation starring Chevy Chase!!!






National Lampoons Christmas Vacation





The fictitious Griswold family home is indeed legendary and is in a lot of ways an example of a middle class family home seen all across the USA!


This two-story center hall home was actually (and remains today) a film studio built property. Bummer huh? We always thought that this home sat somewhere in an upper mid-west (snow covered in winter) community but nope…it’s actually in Burbank, CA.


Albeit that the movie was shot (and clearly decorated) in 1989 the home demonstrates décor and furniture items still in regular use today. If you review the below photos closely you’ll see multiple rooms decorated with wall sconce light fixtures as well as upholstered arm chairs. The styles have clearly changed but the functions of the décor and furniture are still the exact same.






Another décor item that is seen through each room of the Griswold home in abundance are lights. Table lamps and floor lamps both can be seen. Again, maybe not the same style or color of those preferred today but they all shine bright. Plus, Clark himself (seen below) appears to be giving us the “okay” that he agrees. Thanks Clark!





Something noticeably different comparably speaking is the type of outdoor patio furniture not regularly seen today. The bent metal and woven fabric style furniture shown below (which used to be really sticky and hot in the sun) has given way to much more comfortable and luxurious looking outdoor furniture. But hey, cousin Eddie did rock that Speedo didn’t he?





We hope that these blogs are bringing back some fond memories and ties to some thought for you in decorating or re-decorating your family home. We know that styles have changed,  but these family movie homes are warm and fun, and that’s exactly what we want your home to be.



If you’d like to leave a comment please go right ahead and do so. We’d love to hear if this style of home or family movie home is your particular favorite.



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We hope you enjoyed this and will be on the lookout for the next part of “Best Homes From Family Movies!”

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