Warming Hearts By Warming Homes....A Portion Of All Proceeds Are Donated To Families Caring For Sick Children

About The Trendy Space

Welcome to The Trendy Space and thank you for taking a minute to try to find out “About Us”! We’re honored that you’re here. So, knowing your time is precious here is what we think matters most “About Us”.



First, and perhaps most important in our opinion, is our commitment as a business to giving back. We truly realize how fortunate we are to have this business, our family and most importantly our healthy children. We also know that many families sadly are not able to say the same and we take that personal. So, we have always been and will remain committed to providing a portion of proceeds from every sale to families with sick children and we hope our customers share in this ideal.



Next, we want to extend the type of quality and variety seen in today’s large retail environments. Although we believe there is tremendous quality and variety in retail square footage of home décor and furniture items; our platform allows more direct and flexible access to you the consumer. It also allows us to provide the unique ability to reduce product markup while providing perhaps better quality items at the same or better costs compared to large retail outlets at the same time.



Lastly, you might have been able to tell that we’re family owned and operated and not designed to provide Wall Street dividends and stock returns. Our intent is to satisfy you as our customer first and in turn create a positive environment for everyone we impact directly or indirectly.



That’s really what The Trendy Space is all about “Warming Hearts by Warming Homes”. So, we welcome you to shop our trendy, quality items to beautify your home all while knowing that if you choose to buy…there’s a much bigger cause you’ll be joining us in helping!



Thanks for being our customer, we really do appreciate you!