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11oz Palm Wax Candle-Pink Peony

New 11oz Palm Wax Candle-Pink Peony
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If you’re a lover of vibrant color and the fresh aroma of blooming peony flowers, this is the candle fragrance you must have! Peony flowers are distinct in their aroma and so is our gorgeous aromatic candle. 


Our palm wax candles are truly unique not only because of their attributes and their manufacturing process.


These candles are derived from wax production that is clean and uses no harmful solvents or catalysts. Palm wax is basically vegetable fatty acids separated out of palm oil under extreme temperate fluctuations and pressure. The result is natural wax.


Our palm wax candles are sourced from palm plantations in Indonesia and/or Malaysia who are respectively the number one and number two largest global producers. 


Sand Dollar Candles ™ palm wax candles are designed to be free of toxins, burn clean and evenly for your purest enjoyment. Our fragrances are absorbed heavily into their wax and will be thrown evenly even from the smallest votive candles for the entirety of their use. Our palm wax is a very hard wax and burns very slowly while the wick burns bright.


Alike all of our Sand Dollar Candles ™ candle products, we guarantee your satisfaction and we commit a portion of proceeds from every sale to help families globally with sick children. Our brand and products take sustainability to an entire new level!

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